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A Need For A New Plaza

The inscriptions on the original medallions are so worn down you can’t even read the names of my veteran brothers and sisters. These are men and women who fought and, for some, paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. “
— Dave Martin, USMC (Vet)

Ocean Beach Veterans Plaza, located at the corner of Newport Avenue and Abbot Street, where Newport meets the beach, was constructed in 1997 as a memorial to honor those that have served and are still serving in the armed forces. Over time, the plaza has become worn down due to the corrosive nature of salt air and a high amount of foot traffic.

This memorial is currently in disrepair with many of the inscriptions, including a Medal of Honor recipient, being so eroded that they have become illegible. 

The OBCDC, along with the OB Town Council, OB Mainstreet Association, OB Planning Board, OB Community Foundation, and the OB Historical Society, have set out to rebuild a brand new Veterans Plaza that will last as a place of respect and honor.

Public Workshops on Design

Public Workshops on Design

Community Based Design

Two well attended public workshops were held for the community to give input on the project and the new design. The key principles were established at these workshops to be the following: raise the memorial off of the ground, define the space for the plaza so people knew where they were standing, and to move the location to a more appropriate space which the public decided was the space just south of the main OB lifeguard tower.

At another public workshop, the community voted (onsite and through online surveys) in favor of a coastal design that replicated Sunset Cliffs as the backdrop for a wall with veterans' names inscribed on granite. Since these workshops, the OBCDC design committee has been presenting the plan to all of the contributing Ocean Beach organizations and working with the City to get a permit for construction. 

Names are now being accepted for the plaza wall. Priority is being given to those that have a connection with the town of Ocean Beach and Point Loma first, however, anyone can fill out an application form here.

The Current Design

The most recent version of the design has gone through numerous reviews with OB organizations including OB Town Council meetings, OB Mainstreet Association Board of Directors meetings, OB Planning Board reviews (unanimously approved at both reviews), and OB Rec Council reviews (unanimously approved at both reviews as well). At these meetings, adjustments to the design were made to sure it coincides with the community's vision. In addition, the Design Review Committee for this plaza has been meeting with City of San Diego Development Services, along with Park and Rec, to discuss future maintenance objectives and proper materials for sustainability. As the design moves through the permitting process, we are always open to feedback and we encourage you to join us at our public meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Ocean Beach Recreation Center to discuss the project in detail. Below are two schematics of the Veterans Plaza Design. After a an analysis of the site that marked the start, end, and height of the plaza wall, the OBCDC decided to eliminate the last section of the wall closest to the ocean so that no view corridors will be affected by the design. The bottom image reflects that there are now only three sections of the plaza wall with space for approximately 1,500 veteran names.

After 4.5 years of working with San Diego City Development Services and the community, the OBCDC is proud to announce that a Coastal Development Permit has been issued for the new Veterans Plaza Design.

We are now in the process of working on actual construction documents to break ground, as well as, fundraising to secure all of the construction costs. Maintenance costs for the future of this plaza will be secured by the donations for each inscription on the wall.

The Model

A model of a portion of the proposed design can be viewed at Shades Oceanfront Bistro on Abbott Street directly across from the location of the new Veterans Plaza. Here is an artist representation of the model put to scale with people visiting the plaza space.