The Ocean Beach Entryway Project

The Ocean Beach Entryway Project, located at the corner of West Point Loma Blvd. and Sunset Cliffs as people come into Ocean Beach,  was a joint project between the OBCDC and the City of San Diego. Working with the City for almost 15 years, the OBCDC pushed towards the finish line to complete this long-awaited entryway pathway and landscaped area this year. What once was an ugly billboard and neglected complex, now sits a beautifully landscaped and lighted pathway from the corner sidewalk towards Robb Field. Because of the longterm permitting process that was required to build this entryway, rules and regulations with the City changed while the project was still in review, eventually leading to the fact that the paved pathway does not fully connect with Robb Field, however, a short dirt path does connect paved area to the park. The City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department continues to make improvements to this space, recently planting more trees and flowers along the pathway, and Park and Rec may decide to connect the paved sidewalk all the way down to Robb Field sometime in the future - although that has not been finalized. 

This project was made possible through CIP funds and private donations. This project's timeline is extensive and here is an overview of the years of work that went into making this entryway space.

  • Circa 1995, property at the northwest corner of West Point Loma Boulevard and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard purchased by OBCDC
  • OBCDC develops an Ocean Beach Entryway Master Plan, with community input via multiple community workshops.  The Master Plan outlines renovation of 2 medians in the Sunset Cliffs/ Nimitz area, widening and beautification of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard from interstate 8 to West Point Loma Boulevard, as well as constructing a pedestrian plaza called the “Ocean Beach Gateway” at the newly purchased Sunset Cliffs & West Point Loma property
  • OBCDC donates the property at Sunset Cliffs & West Point Loma to the City, with the caveat that the City will develop the property as a park.
  • Sunset Cliffs Boulevard between Interstate 8 and West Point Loma Boulevard is widened, along with new landscaping and median.
  • Two smaller medians between the intersection of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and West Point Loma Boulevard are renovated.  This work is funded by City and County Grants received by the OBCDC.
  • Using the conceptual design from the Entryway Master Plan, Design Documents are compiled for the Ocean Beach Gateway Project.  Design Documents are funded by City grants received by the OBCDC.
  • During the permitting process for the OB Gateway, Native American artifacts (middens) are discovered during archeological testing, increasing the estimated construction cost, and delaying the permitting process.
  • The City puts the OB Gateway Project out to bid, with the project broken into two phases due the increased construction cost estimate. The winning contractor bid is higher than available funding, so only Phase 1 of the project is constructed (the plaza and palm tree on the corner).  Phase 1 is funded by City and County grants received by OBCDC, private donations solicited by OBCDC, and funding allocated from Council District 2. 
  • After completion of Phase 1, additional funding previously raised by OBCDC for the OB Gateway was discovered by the City. This unused funding is the genesis of Phase 2.
  • Due to ADA laws changing while OB Gateway Project was continuing through the permitting process, the pathway grade needs to be decreased and the City informs OBCDC that the pathway, no matter how it is configured, will no longer be able to drop fast enough while avoiding the Native American artifacts to be fully connected to Robb Field.
  • Phase 2 (the pathway and landscaping) is completed in 2015.